30 Days of Scent 2.0, Day 10: Ineke Field Notes from Paris

field notes

After falling in love yesterday with Evening Edged in Gold, I was excited to try another out of the Ineke sample set. Field Notes From Paris was launched in 2009 in homage to Ineke’s years in Paris, studying the art of perfumery, and it carries the slogan, “Life measured out in coffee spoons.” Like several in the line, it’s not marketed to one gender or another, which I like.

Field Notes From Paris opens up with sharp bergamot and spicy coriander, with a hint of orange blossom. I’ve seen other reviewers comment that for them, the orange blossom was more prominent than the bergamot, but I’ve commented before that my skin tends to amplify citrus notes. As the top notes mellow out, it’s tobacco and cedar, with a bit of patchouli, reminding me quite a bit of L’Occitane’s long-discontinued Notre Flore Cedre cologne marketed to men. The base is beeswax, leather, and a dry, resinous combination of tonka bean and vanilla.

I like this scent a lot, but I don’t feel like it quite has the softness I need to be able to pull it off. It’s something I think I’d rather smell on someone else than on myself. I feel like it’s got a little too much sharpness to the spicy opening, and a little too much tobacco and leather, to really fit me. My sister pulls off tobacco-cedar scents beautifully, and my bottle of Notre Flore Cedre actually found a permanent home with her when it didn’t work out for me. For myself, though, it smells more like being wrapped in a man’s leather jacket than wearing my own perfume.

The technical stuff:

Released: 2009

Availability: Ineke.com and select online and brick-and-mortar boutiques

Perfumer: Ineke Ruhland

Overall rating: 7/10–absolutely beautiful, just not me


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