30 Days of Scent 2.0, Day 8: Prada Candy EDP

candy edp

I don’t often change my mind radically on a fragrance, but when I first tried Prada Candy, I disliked it pretty strongly. I thought the caramel note in it smelled a bit cheap. To be fair, the weather today is about 30 degrees cooler than it was the first time I sampled it, and that makes a difference, but my only motivation in trying it on again was that it had come in my Sephora sampler, and I didn’t want to pick and choose which ones to review. I’m surprisingly glad I did.

I’ve found with Candy, as with many scents, that the note listing is a vast oversimplification of what’s obviously in it. The only notes listed on Prada’s website or on Fragrantica are a musk top note, a benzoin heart, and a caramel base, but there’s no way that’s all there is to it. The opening is a bit too sweet to be pure musk, and I definitely smell the powdery note that Prada has in so many of their fragrances. In fact, I’m getting a pretty strong impression of their iconic Infusion d’Iris, plus a faint caramel at the base. (I’m not entirely surprised–Daniela Andrier was the perfumer working on both.) In the summer, it was overly-sweet and cloying, but this time of year, it’s very rich and soft. It’s not a complicated scent, but it’s not the bare-bones thing that the note listing would have me assume. It’s rather inoffensive, not loud at any stage and a true skin scent at 4 hours in. My only real problem with it is that the best I can say about it is that it’s nice. I have no complaints about it in this weather, and it works reasonably well, but there’s nothing to make it fantastic.

I can see myself reaching for this on a jeans-and-sweater kind of day. It’s a very comfortable scent, though nowhere near as dramatic or glamorous as the ad campaigns would have you believe. I’m not planning to buy a huge bottle of it, but I can see myself picking up a small bottle if I find a deal on it.

The technical stuff:

Released: 2011

Availability: Widespread

Perfumer: Daniela Roche Andrier

Overall rating: 6.5/10


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