30 Days of Scent, the remix, day 1: Dior Midnight Poison, or, How I stopped worrying and learned to love the consignment shops

My longtime Stylies will remember last year and my mostly-successful attempt to blog a new fragrance every day for 30 days. (I made it to…24, I think?) Since I’ve changed out quite a bit of my collection since then, I’m going to do another round. Today’s scent is the sadly discontinued Dior Midnight Poison, which I happened to luck into at the relatively new Clothes Mentor at Arboretum this past weekend. (I also scored a vintage bottle of Shalimar EDT, which I’ll review later.) I definitely recommend checking the name-brand resale shops such as Clothes Mentor for fragrances, because they sometimes get in some very nice ones–I know, because I’ve sold to them before, and I know how low they price the good stuff.


Midnight Poison was launched in 2007 as a flanker to the iconic Poison from 1985. It opens up with a fleeting hint of mandarin orange and bergamot, and with my warmer-than-average skin, I do mean fleeting–I barely got a hint of the citrus notes as the juice hit my skin, but the patchouli, rose, and amber are prominent all the way through. Now, I’ve always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with patchouli, though it’s definitely growing on me. (I’ve always said that Angel smelled like someone had tried to cover up her rank BO by dousing herself in every cheap, fruity body spray on the market.) This patchouli doesn’t smell like dirty hippie, though–it’s more mellow and earthy, with the amber rounding out the sharp edges and the rose giving it a definite feminine twist. At the very tail end of the drydown, as the patchouli is starting to soften, I also get a hint of vanilla, though not very noticeable.

Like all of the Poison scents, this one is a projection bomb, so one spray was more than enough. Surprisingly enough, it has pretty good longevity for an eau de toilette, lasting me the whole work day. I started to feel like it had worn off around 5pm, but a few minutes later a coworker complimented me on it, so apparently it was just olfactory fatigue making me not smell it.

I feel like I’d be more comfortable and less self-conscious wearing this out in the evening sometime, but definitely not a club/dancing kind of thing. It’s really made for this time of year, rather than in summer when that already-powerful projection would have been overpowering. At one spray, it’s safe enough for work, though the day job being in a jewelry store means that I have a glass case between me and anyone with whom I’d be interacting, so the projection isn’t overwhelming. As far as the scent itself, I originally bought it only because it’s so sought after post-discontinuation that I knew I could swap it for something good, but I quickly changed my mind when it hit my skin. It’s sexy without being skanky, earthy without being dirty, feminine without being overly girly. Shame on LVMH/Dior for discontinuing this beauty!

The technical stuff:

Release date: 2007

Discontinued: 2013-2014

Perfumers: Jacques Cavallier/Oliver Cresp (Firmenich), Francois Demachy (LVMH)

Overall rating: 8/10, would be more if it were readily available.


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