Product Road Test: Julep Nail Polish

My fashion resolution for this new year was to try to get better at keeping a manicure. I’ve seen the Julep subscription box advertised everywhere, so I finally decided to give it a try.

Signing up involved taking a style quiz with very dubious results. I have always considered my personal style to be more classic than anything, but they assigned me to the Bombshell category. That’s not a big deal, as customers can manually change their style profiles or order from different ones, but the colors selected for me as a result weren’t to my taste at all. Nancy, a frosted gunmetal gray, wasn’t so bad, but today, for the sake of giving a thorough review, I’m wearing Jessie, a nearly-black burgundy. After applying two coats, allowing them to dry properly, and applying the included Oxygen Performance top coat, my nails still have a streaky appearance that has me less than thrilled. The color isn’t great with my skin tone, either, though I do like that it says in the description that the polishes are cruelty-free and free of many of the toxic chemicals sometimes found in nail polishes.

My biggest issue with the polish is with how it wears. My cat caught the edge of his claw on my fingernail while playing, and instead of simply scuffing the polish, it actually peeled the polish off half the nail, taking the top layer of fingernail with it. Two other nails are also chipped in the three hours since I painted them. Honestly, I get better performance than this with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri for half the price. I’m really not impressed, and I’ve canceled my subscription. My verdict: Don’t waste your money.


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