30 Days of Scent, Day 23: Dior Addict Eau Delice

When I try a fragrance with a prominent cherry note, I think I know what to expect. Particularly after testing Delices de Cartier, I really thought I knew how Dior Addict Eau Delice ($43-90, Sephora) was going to smell. This one really surprised me, though.

Cherry notes in perfume tend to go red-candy syrupy, like in Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire, which kind of had a cough-drop vibe to it. However, the cherry note in the opening of Addict Eau Delice is balanced by an equally prominent cranberry note and a little bit of bergamot and mandarin, giving it an unexpected tartness that I really like. The heart is made up of almond and two different jasmines, plus ylang-ylang and a hint of rose. The base is mostly musk and vanilla, but supposedly there’s some cedar in there, too.

Despite liking the original Addict and considering Addict To Life one of my favorites, I probably wouldn’t have tried this one if I hadn’t gotten a mini as part of a swap. This is a lot fresher and lighter than the original Addict, but there are definitely parallels there, with the fruity note in the opening (in the original, it’s blackberry), the jasmine and maybe-some-rose in the heart, and the vanilla in the base. It’s easier to wrap my head around this as an Addict flanker than it was with Addict to Life,  though I enjoy wearing both.

One area in which this doesn’t perform at the level of the original Addict is in staying power. The original will last all day on me; this one, while not disappointing on me, is pretty average. I get about 5 hours out of it. The good thing, though, is that even with it being a splash mini, and having a hard time controlling how much comes out, the projection on this one is respectable without being a bomb. I’m going to give this one 8/10 and will probably buy a full bottle once the mini is finished.


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