30 Days of Scent, Day 20: Britney Spears Fantasy The Naughty Remix

Y’all know I’m not one for celebrity fragrances. Most of them are marketed to people a lot younger than I am, which means they’re going to be less complex and more candy/fruity than I like. But ever since Guerlain’s limited edition Iris Ganache was discontinued, I’ve been looking for another rich iris/white chocolate scent. I was surprised to get a similar vibe from Britney Spears Fantasy The Naughty Remix ($37.50, Kohl’s). It’s still a little sweeter than IG, and doesn’t have the spicy depth, but it’s the closest thing out there, particularly when layered with Yves Rocher’s discontinued (but still readily available on Ebay) Iris Noir.

The notes in this are iris/orris root, white chocolate, orchid, jasmine, musk, woody notes, and a “cupcake accord.” On me, the iris and white chocolate dominate, but I get a little bit of the orchid. The rest…meh? It floats around in the background, but it’s pretty mild. It’s definitely a cheaper version than Iris Ganache, and if IG were still readily available (aside from the $900 bottles at The Perfumed Court–you’d have to be smoking crack!!) I wouldn’t look twice at The Naughty Remix. But nothing else quite triggers that iris-gourmand button for me. I tried Bijan Nude, but that was awful.

On me, it’s got a pretty average longevity, around 5 hours or so. More if I’m at work, because it gets cold in the mall. I wish it had the spicy-woody thing going that Iris Ganache had, but I think I’d really like this if I had nothing to compare it to. I’d rate it a 6.5/10.


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