30 Days of Scent, Day 19: Vera Wang Lovestruck

I got a little “travel splash,” basically a big sample vial, of Vera Wang Lovestruck ($66.99, Perfumania) a while back. Having tried Princess and Be Jeweled, I wasn’t super excited about it; I preferred the more romantic, bridal-themed Vera Wang scents over the ones marketed to teens and young adults. As boring as I found Princess and Be Jeweled, though, this one surprised me.

It starts off with a generous dose of guava. It’s actually a pretty true guava note, and when I lived in St Croix, I ate a lot of guava. This smells more like the canned nectar than the fresh fruit or the packaged guava paste, in my opinion. There’s also a little bit of mandarin orange in the top notes, and a floral note that, while faint, carries down all the way to the base; that’s got to be the angelica (a flowering herb in the same family as Queen Anne’s lace).

In the heart, there’s a fairly prominent note of lotus, which adds (obvious note is obvious!) a slight aquatic tinge to the floral character. The notes also list more angelica, and a bit of tuberose, which I really don’t pick up.

The base is mostly musk, but a sheer white musk, not a heavy, animalic thing heavy on the actual muscone compounds. It also has some woody notes, but really just enough to anchor it in place.

I was pretty surprised with the lasting power of this one. I put it on at 9AM when I left the house, and it hit “skin scent” levels about 3pm and was still going when I left work at 5. I doubt I’ll pay full price for it, but I can see myself picking it up if I find it at Marshall’s or TJMaxx at some point in the near-ish future. I’d give it a 7/10.


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