30 Days of Scent, Day 15: Kenzo Amour


I’ll admit it; if Kenzo puts out a fragrance, I’ll probably try it. I currently have Amour, Amour Indian Holi, and a little bit left of Flower; I’ve previously had Amour Florale and Flower Tag, and Amour I Love You, Flower In The Air, and Madly Kenzo are on my wish list. Kenzo Amour ($59-81, Sephora) is one I received as a travel spray in a swap, and I’ve really enjoyed it.  I’m definitely going to end up buying a full bottle at some point.

Amour opens up with a strong rice note and a hint of white tea. It then sweetens with a heart of predominant plumeria (also called frangipani, it’s a very sweet-smelling tropical flower) plus notes of cherry blossom and heliotrope. And I know it’s described elsewhere as the vanilla being part of the base, but I get at least some vanilla from beginning to end. The base also contains some musk, and supposedly some incense and woody notes, but all I really smell by that point is very sweet vanilla.

The thing about the vanilla note in Amour is that the florals around it keep it from going in too much of a gourmand direction. Vanilla may be a “food” smell, but Amour does not smell edible. What the smell does have going for it is a sweet, soft, cuddly vibe. A lot of people say this is more suitable for winter, but I wore it today, and the weather didn’t get below 90 degrees until well after sunset. Rather than having the projection go nuclear and fade off quickly as a result, Amour didn’t stray outside arm’s reach, and nearly 12 hours after spraying, I can still pick up traces. Now, 12 hours from one application is just about unheard of, but Amour managed to hang in there. I found that the frangipani note is so evocative of my time in the Caribbean that I can’t imagine ignoring this one because it’s too hot.

The price on this one is fairly average for a mainstream fragrance. The bottle shape is really interesting and highly unusual, with its tall cap. The vanilla-and-frangipani combination and the incredible longevity make it a very strong buy. I’d definitely list it in my top 10. I’d rank this one a very strong 8.5/10.



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