30 Days of Scent, Day Thirteen: L’Occitane En Provence Eau Ravissante


So I was at L’Occitane at Northlake today and tried on Eau Ravissante (on clearance, $16-27.50, loccitane.com). And I have GOT to make it back over there before this one is sold out, because it is, hands down, the best rose in its price range. I get that “best in its price range” isn’t much when it’s $16 for a 50ml/1.7 ounce bottle, but this is a cologne concentration and still lasted 7+ hours on me!

The scent isn’t anything groundbreaking–bergamot, damascena rose, musk, and a hint of amber in the drydown. It’s a very fresh, light, summery rose. (And you know I love my roses!) Reminds me a bit of Dior Addict to Life, or of L’Occitane’s newest rose scent, Roses Et Reines, but with a more prominent bergamot note (the one in Roses Et Reines is very faint) and without the fruitiness. It’s perfect for this hot weather, because the projection didn’t go far, but I was really impressed with how long it lasted.

For the scent itself, I’d give it a 7/10, because citrus and rose is really a common thing, but taking into account the longevity and the price, I’d rate it at a solid 8.5.


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