30 Days of Scent, day Eight: Hermes Santal Massoia


My scent for yesterday (which I didn’t get written up on time for personal reasons) was Santal Massoia, a fragrance from Hermès’ Hermessence line, that I got as a sample from the Hermès store at SouthPark. I’d have never gotten it if I’d had to pay full price for it–the Hermessence samples I have are among the most expensive fragrances I’ve tried, because they only come in the big 100ml/3.4 ounce size, and at $245, that’s a bit steep for me–but if you’ve got the money to drop, there are some gorgeous scents in that line.

Santal Massoia is a very linear scent, but it’s beautiful. The notes are listed as sandalwood, massoia wood (which has a woody thing going on but is also sweet and milky, reminiscent of peach and coconut), dulce de leche, and dried fruits. Like most of the Hermessence line, this one is very gender-neutral, focused on the wood notes rather than the fruit and candy. As much as I love sandalwood, and as many fragrances as I have that contain it, I’ve never quite smelled anything like this.

The one thing I’d change about the way Hermès does their samples is that this is a splash, so I don’t have a “this many sprays to get the projection I want” to give you, but this one stays pretty close to my skin. Longevity is average, 5 hours or so. The thing that I’d recommend this fragrance for is the uniqueness of the scent, not its performance; if I had a bottle rather than a splash sample, I’d be wearing it on my clothes rather than my skin, to make it last longer. One of the most beautiful perfumes in my collection, but because it’s so close to the skin and doesn’t last very well, I have to give it a 7/10.


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