When NOTHING fits

If you can’t find anything to fit your body, altering the clothes is always preferable. But that’s not always an option. There are some workarounds that you can use, though, so you’re not stuck wearing clothes that just don’t fit. Note that on these, my solutions tend towards the women’s section, because “men’s” clothes are sized by measurements more than by arbitrary numbers.

For nearly all issues: Stretch fabric can go a long way toward making fit issues less obvious. A moderate stretch makes a fabric much more forgiving. Just make sure it isn’t clingy.

If your hips are much wider than your waist: The waistband gap is probably the most common issue out there. Small gaps can be helped with a belt, but Old Navy and Lane Bryant both make pants in varying fits depending on your waist-to-hip ratio, with the “curvy” fits having more hip room compared to the waist size. Also, if you wear skirts, an A-line is going to be much more forgiving of wider hips than a straight style.

If you can’t get the right length: Finding pants in a non-standard length can be difficult, but there are two solutions that have worked well for people I know. Style Snaps are adhesive snaps that go on the inside of the pants to hem them. Also, Land’s End offers free hemming services on many of their pant styles.

If shirts won’t fit your chest: I own several minimizer bras just for this purpose. They aren’t nearly as restrictive as they sound–they just give a smoother line. Also, if button-style shirts gap at the front, try wearing a nice camisole under them and partially unbuttoning them. Not a great choice for the office, but for everyday wear it works.

If your size on top doesn’t match the size on the bottom: Two-piece outfits are going to be much easier to fit than dresses or jumpsuits. Buy individual pieces in the sizes you need rather than trying to get one piece that fits both sizes.

If clothes don’t fit no matter what you try: Custom is a lot less expensive than you might think. eShakti offers custom sized clothing for your measurements that is priced comparable to department stores. If you prefer to shop in the men’s department, Modern Tailor offers a similar service, and their prices are also very reasonable.

A hard-to-fit body doesn’t mean you have to wear clothes that don’t fit. There’s always a workaround.


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